PBRA Sponsors & Hosts

Current PBRA hosts include:

Palm Beach County Mounted Posse

Southeast Florida Barrel Racers

Afleet Equine Services

Interested in becoming a host?
Great, it is FREE to be a HOST! Email PBRA and PBRA will mail you out a packet with entry forms and self addressed envelopes to send your packet back after each event. It's very simple, you just need to be a 4D(3D) Open event, including women, men and children. You will earn $2.00 for every PBRA entry fee. All you need to do is advise PBRA of dates of jackpots, collect entry card and entry fee, put a draw number on card and after jackpot write the contestants time on the PBRA card, email or FB early results if possible and mail entry cards and money less your $2 per entry to PBRA office on Monday if possible. 1 week notice for your FIRST Side Pot approval, after that only 24 HOUR NOTICE TO APPROVE A SIDE POT AND 20 DAY NOTICE FOR THE LAST WEEK OF THE SEASON.

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Thanks to Our 2015 Sponsors!

Stoner Equine Dental
(954) 218-4707

As a graduate of The American School of Equine Dentistry, Elizabeth Stoner, EqDT, is an excellent choice for all of your equine dental needs. Stoner Equine Dental provides compassionate dental care using hand tools for minis, horses and donkeys without the need for sedation. Contact Liz today to schedule an appointment!

Renee Kitching, now an authorized dealer for Animal Element, has graciously sponsored the PBRA with her time, efforts, and funds! Please be sure to check out this awesome line of supplements to help keep your horses feeling their very best!

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Renee Kitching, SEFBR Director

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