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Membership Rules & Information

To become a member, it's FREE for the first three shows. After your third show, you pay a small annual membership fee. To try it out is easy - just enter ANY approved PBRA side pot by filling out a PBRA entry card and paying the $20 per entry per horse. If it's your first time, be sure to include your address on the card so that PBRA can mail you any winnings and the membership forms. If you win over $600 per year PBRA will mail you a W9 & a 1099 at year end for tax purposes. If you want PBRA to mail you the forms in advance of your 1st winning side pot, just send an email at the "contact PBRA" page with your address.

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  1. Membership fee EACH member $25 per year. NOT Due until after third show. PBRA will mail you the membership form to be returned to PBRA office or it can be taken out of your winnings, after 3rd side pot. This allows Contestants to try PBRA and see if they like it.

  2. All side pots will pay out separately, no combining with other jackpot side pots. This allows PBRA to pay as soon as each side pot Host's check is received. It also rewards the larger entry side pots to continue to grow & PBRA Members to benefit financially from it! All side pots will be competing for the SAME points for year end titles and awards state wide.

    Formula: ____riders x $17 (85% of entry fee)=$______in the pot, total entries use formula below for total placements 30% minimum WINNERS & divide the pot by total placements, per division at each event evenly = $ _______ per winner, if any added money it will be divided EQUALLY for each placement of said side pot.

  3. PBRA will allow ALL OPEN JACKPOTS with PBRA side pots to count MONDAY thru SUNDAY. Must be approved 24 hours in advance to existing Jackpot Hosts and 1 week approval to NEW Jackpot Hosts to send the NEW HOST out a PBRA packet, then list it at the PBRA web site and advise the membership via email and Facebook Group page. No new side pots will be approved the last two weeks of the season. Must be approved the month before (November) to be fair to membership competing for year end titles & awards with Holiday Season.

  4. Jackpot Hosts will be asked to announce prior to the OPEN jackpot starting how many PBRA entries there are. Must have 5 minimum entries to have a PBRA side pot. If it does not fill, the PBRA contestant is responsible to go back to entry booth and get their entry fee back the same day.

  5. ALL POTS will pay out 30% minimum placements.

  6. Of $20 entry fee, Jackpot Host keeps $2 of each entry and PBRA keeps $1, that puts $17 (85%) back in the pot to pay out to the Contestants. No percentages for different divisions or placements, all monies will pay the same to each WINNER. To know how many placements paying see PBRA rules below:

    Side pots are paid individually, this clarifies the pay outs per side pot ( ALL POTS WILL PAY OUT 30% MINIMUM PLACEMENTS)
    5 minimum to have a PBRA jackpot

    5 to 9 contestants pays 1 place in the 1D & 2D only, 2 winners per side pot, or to meet 30% minimum placements
    10+ contestants per side pot will pay 1 place per division per side pot or to meet 30% minimum placements
    20+ contestants per side pot will pay 2 places per division per side pot or to meet 30% minimum placements
    40+ contestants per side pot will pay 3 places per division per side pot or to meet 30% minimum placements
    60+ contestants per side pot will pay 4 places per division per side pot or to meet 30% minimum placements
    80+ contestants per side pot will pay 5 places per division per side pot or to meet 30% minimum placements
    100+ and up contestants will pay 30% minimum placements per side pot

    *Placements pay 1st in each division until 30% is met, than 2nd in each division until 30% is met, than 3rd and so on starting 1D down.....*

    *With 10 or less entries per side pot the RULE is put in place to benefit the members as a whole. Staying with the rule of 30% of contestants win money: The rule for 5 riders pays 1st in the 1D and 2D, but if there is not a qualifying time in the 2D, that money will go to 1st in the 3D, if no 3D than 4D 1st and so on. After all of the 1st place positions have been filled, than it goes to 1D 2nd and so on until all the 2nd place positions have been filled. Only if all other times are NO TIME due to BD barrel down or DQ broke pattern will all of pot only go to 1st place 1D. Keeping with paying 30% of entries places back, as places are added down until 30% min is met, down based on percentages of entries and side pots. Staying with the formula 85% in the pot and 30% of the contestants winning money back and many earning points towards the year end awards. Extra placements will be paid for approximately every 3 entries, until the 30% rule payout minimum is met.

Frequently Asked Questions:

    NUMBER ONE QUESTION: How does it pay out?
    Winners are paid by PLACEMENT in each division at each side pot, time is set by fastest PBRA entry at each side pot, than figured for each division after that. You are NOT competing against other arena times OR other side pots for money - only the side pot you are at! The benefit of state wide competition is growth of membership for sponsorships, more entries, more money in pots, and with contestants competing for titles and prizes state wide. It's like a co-sanctioned event or double header, one run, 2 entry fees, 2 chances at winning money and points for year end titles and awards. Other great benefits is you pick the side pots and date you want to attend and all pay outs are equal from the 1D to the 4D and 1st or 2nd!

    Does PBRA have a board of directors on decision making?
    PBRA's Board of Directors is PBRA's Jackpot Hosts. As without the Jackpot Hosts approval there would not be anywhere to have PBRA side pots! PBRA is also open to members suggestions on things and PBRA will always try to make decisions based fairly on the majority of membership and hosts best interest.

    Can I enter just PBRA at the event that is hosting or do I have to enter both?
    You have to enter BOTH to enter PBRA. The host will put you in their draw for their Open. PBRA is to serve as a side pot, a chance to win more money! So you pay 2 entries, the Hosts Open Jackpot and PBRA's side pot. This gives you the benefit of 2 chances at winning checks and PBRA takes very little out, the payouts are very good. The reason it doesn't work to enter just the side pot is the jackpot host has many expenses hosting jackpots such as; arena rental, timer fee, tractor rental/fuel, barrel setters, insurance and so on. PBRA is set up to be a SIDE POT to state wide OPEN Jackpots only, to benefit the contestant and the host.

    What if you have enough entries and events to pay 2 places at each event in each division but there is only 1 PBRA person in the 1D, what do you do with 2nd place money at that 1 side pot or any other placements that don't have enough PBRA members in that division?
    It will be split into the winners placements not paid all to 1st place 1D and NEVER kept by PBRA. If the 30% rule for winners has not been met, the amount of money that could not be paid will than go to, next placement from 1D down. Side pot money will always go back to the winners, split evenly as rules state below without percentages, just even splits. You can refer to the result page to see true payouts made. That will help you see clearly how the pay outs are done.

    Why do you pay the same for the 4D as the 1D? Also, why are all placements the same and not less for 2nd that 1st?
    PBRA believes the 1D and 1st deserve more in normal events, shows and associations after all it is a competition where the best should win the most, but PBRA is a state wide SIDE POT! PBRA also believes the 3D or 4D contestant spends just as much as the 1D contestant to care for and compete with their horses. To encourage more entries and better pay outs to each winner, PBRA has made it the same pay to each winner, no matter the placing or division based on PBRA FORMULA.

    For the PBRA side pot, is it possible that a person would win the PBRA pot if they place like 3rd in the 1D if the people who placed above are not PBRA that how it works?
    YES, that is exactly how it works! You might be 1 out of the money at the Host's jackpot but WIN PBRA as the fastest PBRA member. You could also get a check for 3rd in the 3D at the event you are at, but be 1st in the 2D or any division for that matter with PBRA. Two chances at checks, for just $20 more! That is the case in any division. The results are sent by the Host to the PBRA office on Monday and than the results will be posted and the checks mailed the SAME week!

    Why aren't rodeos approved?
    Rodeos are not approved as they are WOMEN only, PBRA requirements is an OPEN jackpot. If a RODEO is Open to women, men and children it can be approved.

    Is there a maximum amount of shows you can enter?
    To keep it fair competing for the Top 5 year end awards you may only count your FIRST 20 CLEAN jackpots annually for points, after your FIRST 20 clean side pots, you may still compete for money but not points. PBRA will keep track in office with entry cards and at the web site. Members are encouraged to review the web site often for results, points, upcoming approved side pots and PBRA's Sponsors. This will prevent it from becoming a hauling contest with 52 weeks in a year & to be fair for riders with only 1 horse vs riders with multiple horses.

    Is it based on the rider only or horse and rider?
    This is an OPEN association based on RIDER only, not on the horse. You may enter as many horses as you want per event, but must pay $20 entry fee, per horse. If you are entering multiple horses or you are only putting 1 horse in the PBRA side pot be sure after you get your DRAW numbers to tell them which DRAW # to put the PBRA card(s) with, the Jackpot Host should write your draw on both cards, theirs and PBRA's cards as you enter if they draw with chips. If they draw after you may have to tell them in advance which horse with which PBRA card you want entry to go to. They will know to ask you that in advance. You will get money and points on every horse you enter accordingly. Only points ONE time per division even if you have 2 horses in the same D, the highest points count. You will get points on both horses or more if in different divisions. (ie: 5 points 1D, 4 points 2D, two horses, but 2 horses both in 2D, only points if you are 1st n 2nd you get 5 points total for 2D) You may enter as many horses as you want, but EACH horse may only enter ONE TIME per PBRA side pot! It only COUNTS as ONE SIDE POT if you enter multiple horses at that pot. In 2011, just an FYI, the 1D & 2D Champion only entered ONE horse each for the entire year. In 2012 the 1D Champion only had 1 horse but the 2D Champion had multiple horses. SOME other BENEFITS of PBRA are: You pick the side pots approved you want to attend, you say when and where for your schedule that works best for you all year! You can rest your horse or you if needed to do sickness, lameness or anything else without the pressure as you have 52 weeks to pick 20 side pots you want to attend for year end awards and can compete anytime for MONEY!

    How do I enter a PBRA approved event?
    Go to the PBRA Host page at this web site and see who Hosts PBRA in Florida. Than go to PBRA's "upcoming approved side pots" page at this web site, to find the events you want to enter. Simply show up the day of the event and pay a $20 entry fee and fill out a PBRA entry card and the rest will be handled for you. You don't have to add your address on the form if you have your PBRA membership forms on file already with PBRA's office. You may pre-enter if an event offers that option, most will be sign up the day of the event. Pay cash or check, make checks out to whomever the Jackpot Host instructs you to. You may join PBRA group page at FB for "news releases" on early results and upcoming events!

    How do I found out of if placed and how much I won?
    You will always know within 1 week. All Hosts are to mail in their PBRA packets the 1st mail day after the jackpot, once received in the PBRA office results and pay outs are posted at the web site and checks are mailed. The goal is by Wednesday to Friday of each week to have all checks mailed out and results posted at the PBRA web site. When possible early results will be posted at PBRA Facebook Group page for members to view for accuracy prior to final results and payouts.

    If the entry fee is $20 how much is in the pot & how many points do you give?
    To make worth while to the Hosts that are supporting PBRA, they get $2 of each entry fee. PBRA gets $1 of each entry fee to cover office expenses. That puts $17 in the pot per entry fee to pay back to the contestants. That is 85% in the pot of every entry fee!

    Points are for the year end Titles & Awards: They will be awarded to highest point earner in each division. Each division earns same points for places. Remember if you hit a barrel it does NOT count as 1 of your 20 side pots for points, only if you have a CLEAN run. Also if you enter 1 or several horses in 1 side pot it only counts as 1 side pot.

    1st place 5 points
    2nd place 4 points
    3rd place 3 points
    4th place 2 points
    5th place 1 point

    If a Member reaches 20 side pots and is at max for chasing points they can still enter for money and still stay in placing for position (great for blocking/defense) but not awarded points. (ie: Member will be listed as MP for 20 side pots entered. MP- max points wins 1st at a side pot they will get no points but member winning 2nd in side pot will get 4 points as they were 2nd, even though 1st place member did not get points they still get credit for placement bumping all other riders down 1 position for points. Same in the event of riders entering multiple horses, only get points 1 time per division, placements under their 0 point, will go as above. POINTS will also be awarded by placement for those Contestants entering multiple horses. Even though a Contestant can only get points on one horse per division, they will get credit for placement with no points and all Contestants below will receive points based on placement (ie: 3rd place 3 points and so on). Entering a side pot on 1 or more horses only counts as ONE SIDE POT!


    Points are awarded even if monies do not pay that many places, this allows each run you make (your 1st 20 clean side pots) to earn points towards the year end titles and awards! Year End TIES for Top 5 Titles & Awards: if you are in a TIE for Top 5 the higher placing title/award will go to the (rule 1) MEMBER with the MOST side pots for the year( stopping at 20), or if both members tied are at 20 side pots than the position will be decided off the (rule 2) Member who placed the highest at the last PBRA side pot entered. If that still does not resolve tie than there will need to be (rule 3) the member that won the most money for the year will take the higher placement and all else will drop down one position for Titles and year end Awards. Tie breakers to be decided from rule 1 to rule 3 in order until broke.

    Barrel Down is a NT no time, and breaking pattern is a no time NT, disqualified, neither can win money or points, but will NOT count as one of your "clean" 1st 20 side pots, unless you enter multiple horses and 1 has a clean run while the other does not.

    If a Contestant must SCRATCH due to injured horse or rider prior to their run, they may have a refund, they must advise the jackpot office asap before their entry draw, even if Open has begun, as long as it is before they run. PBRA understands things can happen out of our control and would like to be understanding to it's membership in case of accidents or emergencies.

    I would like to Host a PBRA event. How do I get my show PBRA approved?
    Great, it is FREE to be a HOST! Email PBRA at the contact PBRA page and PBRA will mail you out a packet with entry forms and self addressed envelopes to send your packet back after each event. It's very simple, you just need to be a 4D(3D) Open event, including women, men and children. You will earn $2.00 for every PBRA entry fee. All you need to do is advise PBRA of dates of jackpots, collect entry card and entry fee put a draw number on card and after jackpot write the contestants time on the PBRA card, email or FB early results if possible and mail entry cards and money less your $2 per entry to PBRA office on Monday if possible. 1 week notice for your FIRST Side Pot approval, after that only 24 HOUR NOTICE TO APPROVE A SIDE POT AND 20 DAY NOTICE FOR THE LAST WEEK OF THE SEASON.

    Awards & buckles how will they be purchased, and are there awards for Top 5?
    The Top 5 awards will be secured by the $10 membership fee and PBRA Sponsors. Sponsors will be posted on the web site. Sponsors will get ADVERTISEMENT on the PBRA web site for ONE FULL YEAR, also at the weekly PBRA newsletter and Facebook Group Page.

    Are the pay outs based on times or placements at events?
    Arenas are all different sizes and so are the winning times. PBRA is based on paying out on PLACEMENTS from the fastest PBRA member's time at each side pot and than 2D, 3D and 4D will pay from that time. Each side pot has pay outs for each division. Refer to the PBRA formula above for pay outs.

    Is there a membership fee to the Member or Host?
    It's FREE for 2016 for three runs, than a $25 annual membership fee to go towards year end awards. A membership and liability release form must be on file with the PBRA office, which will be mailed to you after your 1st side pot entered. To be a PBRA approved Jackpot Host it's Free, and you earn $2 per entry for hosting, but you must be a OPEN event allowing women, men and children, PBRA will pay always as a 1D, 2D on the 1/2 second, 3D on the 1 second and 4D on the 2 seconds out, no matter how the Host pays out.

    PBRA will allow all contestants to compete in three shows FREE, after 3rd show, you will be required to pay $25 as a Annual Membership fee to go towards PBRA's year end awards.

    What is the minimum amount of entries you can have at a show?
    Minimum 5 entries at each jackpot Money and Points will be given based on PBRA Members fastest time of each side pot not the event's fastest time and the 2D 1/2 second, 3D 1 second and 4D 2 seconds will be off of the 1D PBRA member's fastest time. When the entry cards are turned in PBRA will post results of PBRA winners and mail checks.

    How do you know where to compete and if you can compete?
    Member must be in good standings with PBRA and it's Hosts to receive winnings and/or awards by not bouncing checks, or causing problems at events. If a member has any issues or concerns they need to take them up with PBRA and not it's Hosts. PBRA with speak with Host if there is a need to. The entry fee is $20 at ALL PBRA approved events, beginning Monday and finishing Sunday, to be officially approved it MUST BE LISTED at the PBRA web site. The latest a jackpot can be approved is 24 hours prior to Jackpot, so PBRA can send an email out to members and list it at the PBRA web site and face book page.


    • PBRA members will not know the total entries until after entry cards are sent to PBRA office or a Jackpot Host posts early results at the Facebook Group page.
    • PBRA members will know how many approved side pots on each week based on the PBRA official web site APPROVED SIDE POTS page.
    • Cash or check is fine, checks payable to what the HOSTS wants: Host putting on or PBRA.

    What if there is a tie at a jackpot for money and/or points?
    If there is a tie at a side pot; money will be split evenly between the contestants that tied, points will be awarded equally.

    How do you handle pay outs if a 4D event ends up only being a 3D event because of lack of entries?
    It will not effect the PBRA payout as it is ALWAYS done as a 4D payout for money and points regardless of how the Host pays out.

    I am aware that this is a PROFESSIONAL barrel racers association and I will conduct myself in a professional manner while attending all PBRA events. Anyone who does not conduct themselves in that manner (respectful, polite, no bouncing checks) may be removed from the association immediately! That also includes honoring the rules of PBRA Hosts events.

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