Hey South Florida – have you heard?

There’s a new barrel show in town coming to an arena near you! Mount up and make your money at a great show with great venues - both close to home and on the road!

South East Florida Barrel Racers has taken on the task of reviving the much loved and celebrated Tour of Champions. A respected barrel race producer, Renee Kitching will be heading this exciting new venture, with plans to bring honest, well run barrel racing to venues across the state of Florida.

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News & Updates

10/10/2016: PBRA Results & Points are updated through 10/8.

8/24/2016: PBRA Results & Points are updated through 8/6.

6/15/2016: Good luck to everyone running at the NBHA State Finals this week! We are set up as a vendor with Animal Element and SEFBR products, so be sure to come say hi! All PBRA Results and Points are updated, and results for the Summer Kick Off are posted as well. Thank you everyone for your continued support!

6/1/2016: PBRA Results and Points are updated as of 5/29.

5/18/2016: PBRA Results and Points are updated as of 5/14.

5/3/2016: PBRA Results and Points are updated as of 4/30.

4/12/2016: PBRA Results and Points are updated as of 4/9.

3/12/2016: PBRA Results and Points are updated as of 3/12.

3/5/2016: Thank you to everyone who came out for the PBCMP/SEFBR Friday Night Jackpot last night! Congratulations to Amanda Weekley on Coaster for winning it with a 15.946. All results, including PBRA (and PBRA points) are now available.

3/4/2016: What a fun night at the SEFBR Nutrition Seminar last night! Thank you to everyone that came out, and especially to our guest speakers!

2/19/2016: All results from the SEFBR Be My Valentine Barrel Show are now available under Results. PBRA Results & Points have been updated as of 2/14.

1/18/2016: PBRA Results & Points have been updated as of 1/17.

1/9/2016: PBRA Results & Points have been updated as of 1/9.

1/2/2016: Thank you to everyone that came out to the PBCMP/SEFBR January Madness today, and congratulations to Taylor Zbytek on Hanks Flyin Hope for winning time of 15.839. See you all next Saturday for the PBCMP January Speed Show and Jackpot Saddle Series!

12/13/2015: PBRA results and points have been updated. We are still updating current members, so please note that points are not final for the year until that is done. Congratulations everyone!

12/6/2015: Entry forms and information are now available for the Tour of Champions: Stop Two. You can find everything on the Tour of Champions website.

11/24/2015: Stop One on the Tour of Champions was an overwhelming success, and we are now working on getting everything ready for Stop Two in Okeechobee. PBRA results and points are now current. A few of you have reached your 20 clean ride limit for earning points, but keep entering to earn that money!

10/15/2015: The first stop on the Tour of Champions is fast approaching, and all sorts of goodies are rolling in, from sponsorships to vendors, hook-ups and entries. Don't forget to mail your entries on or before November 2 to avoid any late fees!

08/13/2015: The first NBHA FL05 show under new director Renee Kitching was a huge success, with 97 Open, 36 Youth and 6 Senior entries. Congratulations to Wendy Culberson on Mojo in Open and Kendall Kennedy on Jackie in Youth for their winning runs!

07/15/2015: The Tour of Champions is off to a strong start, but amidst all of the excitement, it went unnoticed that our very own Renee is now the NBHA FL05 district director! Her first show is August 8th - stay tuned for details!

06/26/2015: SEFBR is excited to announce our newest endeavor - bringing back the Tour of Champions! You can find all of the pertinent information at TourofChamps.com. The first stop is scheduled for November 20-22 at the Southeastern Livestock Pavilion in Ocala, FL!

06/25/2015: PBRA Results and Points are current.

06/19/2015: SEFBR will no longer be associated with IBRA due to conflicting interests. Stay tuned for news about the Tour of Champions. We already have our first sponsor - Cowboy Couture!

06/14/2015: Due to weather, the sixth and final show in the WNJ series had to be cancelled. It has now been rescheduled for June 24th. See you all there!

06/04/2015: Results and points for the PBCMP Wednesday Night Jackpot Buckle Series can be found at PBCPOSSE.COM. PBRA Results and Points are current.

05/08/2015: PBRA Results and Points are current.

04/28/2015: Welcome and a huge thanks to our newest sponsors, Stoner Equine Dental and Renee Kitching, now an authorized dealer of Animal Element products. Be sure to support their businesses as they have so graciously supported the SEFBR!

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The SEFBR Nutrition Seminar was a huge success. Thanks to everyone that came out!

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Renee Kitching, SEFBR Director

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